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Collection: Golden Glow Face and Body Oil

Our Golden Glow body oil is rich in vitamins, amino acids and essential fatty acids. Hydrating properties work great with eczema and skin rashes, reduce fine lines and wrinkles, restore shine to hair, eliminate frizz, hair loss and produce a rich look and feel to nails and cuticles.
Good for all types of skin.
Body & Massages: Hydrates skin, works great with eczema and skin rashes, reduces fine lines and wrinkles,
Hair & Nails: Promotes growth. Restores shine to hair, eliminates frizz , hair loss and produces a hydrating feel and look to nails and cuticles.
Benefits of Calendula: soothes dry itchy, inflamed skin, great for healing wounds and those who suffer from any type of skin irritation.  
**Apply 2-3 drops at a time to face or body and gently massage. Use twice a day morning and night. Apply to hair and nails as needed. 
Ingredients : Rose hip. Calendula. Tea tree. Grapeseed.
FUN FACT: Our oil offers hydration, protection, and soothing properties for both winter and summer. In the winter, it helps combat dryness and protect the skin from harsh weather, while in the summer, it provides lightweight hydration and enhances the natural glow of the skin.
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