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The Candle Artisan

Our Mission

Our mission at A Scent of Heaven is to provide you, our customers, with high quality, handcrafted products to help you relax, create a sense of warmth, and to unwind from life's stressors. We strive to light up our customers' at-home experience with extraordinary service and the instruments to create your own tranquil sanctuary.

We hope to provide products that promote self-love, and help our customers to embrace self-care.

Regardless of the mood you are in, we want your soul to stay lit!  
         Our story

A Scent of Heaven Candle Co was created out of a dream to make home feel like heaven.  Self-care, self-love, and a beautifully decorated home are typically viewed as a luxury, but they should be enjoyed by the everyday person. Through handcrafted, artisan, quality, products, we hope to share this dream with you.

The Founder, Dee transformed her skills as a registered nurse to meticulously visualize, formulate and test fragrances that would produce relaxing and warming results. Inspired by her daughter, who has been at the forefront of every decision for the company, each scent is a custom blend made with love. Experience the therapeutic, nostalgic, and peaceful feelings of A Scent of Heaven.